Ross Walton


A native Mississippian, Ross Walton became involved in digital humanities as a way promoting the Hattiesburg music scene. Using HTML coding and digital audio editing skills gained in early website development projects, he began publishing a monthly music podcast, The South Mississippi Music Sampler, in 2005. Ross returned to school in 2008 to study Creative Writing. Wishing to learn more about the oral traditions of storytelling, he started as a volunteer with the Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage that same year, taking over production of the Center’s award-winning weekly radio show, Mississippi Moments. He soon convinced the Center’s director of the need for a podcast and was launched in March of 2009. Now a full time staffer, Ross works as a sound engineer charged with the digital preservation and distribution of the Center’s collection in compliance with the best standards and practices for audio preservation set by the Oral History Association. He has produced over 320 episodes of Mississippi Moments to date, heard across the state each Monday through Friday on Mississippi Public Broadcasting stations, WUSM 88.5 Southern Miss Roots Radio, and WDSW-LP 88.1 Delta State Radio. The Mississippi Moments Podcast is downloaded an average of 2,000 per month. Ross holds a B.S. in Marketing Management, a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Creative Writing. He is currently working on a P.H.D. in Creative Writing and a book on the history of Holiday Inn. Walton is developing a website for the Simpson County Historical & Genealogical Society, which he serves as Vice-President. He also maintains websites for local musicians Lloyd “Hurricane” Munn and Tommie “T-Bone” Pruitt.