THATCamp is Tomorrow!

We will be in Moody Hall’s main hall (you must have received an email with directions). Registration opens at 8.30am. First session starts at 9am. Bring your laptop! Let’s have fun and learn.

Thomas Cauvin, Liz Skilton, Randy Gonzales, Hilton Cordoba


Play/Talk Session on Mapping

IMAG2541-1“If you walk a city, if you love a city, if you put in your miles and years with open heart and mind, the city will reveal itself to you. Maybe it won’t become yours, but you will become its – its chronicler, its pilgrim, its ardent lover, its nonnative son or native daughter or defender.” Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas (37)

I would like to propose some old school analogue & kinesthetic activities to engage in as a launching point for a discussion of potential digital tools and practices that might be proper extensions and applications for what we create. I do a lot of work around tourism, oral history, and storytelling my my communication studies classes and I’m always looking for good digital tools to help with documentation and archiving of student experiences, particularly as it pertains to digital mapping and storytelling.

All I ask, in preparation, is that everyone who wants to participate come with a particular walk in mind that you have taken recently or like to take regularly. If you have time and need/want a refresher, take a walk in the next day or so around your campus, neighborhood, park, etc. Also, if anyone has  art supplies you don’t mind sharing to add to mine, I’d appreciate it.

Welcome to THATCamp Louisiana 2016

We are very excited to announce that the University of Louisiana at Lafayette will host its SECOND THATCamp. It will take place on Saturday, April 16, 2016 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, on the main campus. To register, go to the “Register” category page.
Registration fee is $15 and will be paid on site at the opening of the THATCamp.

This blog will cover any updates or relevant information leading up to and following the event. Be sure to check back on us as more gears are put into motion. Until then, go to for more information. See you this spring!